Creation: From Thought To Matter

Yes, another of those fancy articles on how your thoughts create your life… Or not?

9 min readJul 27, 2021

Creation is the very purpose of life. The diversity in life’s creations, the beauty in all that exists and the infinite living forms everywhere, all express life’s desire to explore, play and create.

This desire, this urge to create is expressed in many ways — the most primal one being sexual desire which leads to reproduction (creation). Although the sexual urge is the most primal force, the way it’s generally used only reflects the ‘average’ level of consciousness at the moment on this planet, because this same energy can serve different, higher, and more beneficial purposes.

By our very coming into form, we become part of the gigantic play of life — the one that wants to create and enjoy as much as it can, its manifestation into matter. For something to come into form, it travels through a perfectly calculated path, which Sacred Geometry studies. Everything that exists physically is therefore infused with consciousness, and this consciousness has come into physical form through a certain process.

Ideas of all sorts, sublime possibilities, beautiful and harmonious opportunities all exist in the subtler realms of consciousness, and those infinite possibilities are as eager as we once were, before incarnating into matter, in order to experience the world of forms.

It’s the reason behind people’s continuous striving towards creating either through their sexual force, which means reproduction — the world’s population is increasing immensely everyday — but also by taking the time to refine their skills and thus become better channels when it comes to “hearing” those ideas’ desire to take form, and thus executing properly to assist consciousness in achieving its purpose of creation.

At a bigger scale (really big), life is already doing it on its own, life forms of all sorts including human beings exist everywhere. Beautiful trees, plants, flowers, animals, planets, stars, galaxies, cells, and so on exist in infinite combinations of sizes, colors, forms etc.

At a smaller scale, life is doing it through human beings too, which create in their own ways through their artistic works, through their continuous desire to build solutions and make the world a better place for others, but also through their children. Of course it doesn’t mean that what human beings do is always beneficial, this same process is also used to bring misery into the world and this can largely be witnessed today.

Human beings therefore, depending on how evolved and conscious they are, can either create a world as beautiful as the subtle realms or create one of chaos. Nothing is either ‘bad’ or ‘good’ here, those labels are silly and childish — consciousness is learning and growing through everything.

To work on ourselves therefore means to become more conscious, to bring in more harmony into our lives and to keep the world’s welfare in our hearts, at all time. By doing this, we cleanse ourselves from disharmonious content and become harmonious, which automatically puts us in contact with the harmonious realms of life — those that want to be born into forms.

When there is harmony within ourselves, we attract the same harmony from the outer world. We become a magnet for life’s strongest desire — which is to be born into form, to incarnate — and if we remain humble in this process, we build a ‘reputation’ with the higher realms just as we do here on Earth. (As above, so below, uh?)

Ideas can either come from a noisy mind, which constantly associates everything and creates mixes of all sorts — or they can come from a silent mind, once there is some space for those ideas to be revealed.

Harmony attracts harmony, the next task is to listen by having a quiet mind. Ideas from the mind can either be good ones or terrible ones and people in general don’t know how to make the difference because it’s ‘their’ ideas and therefore it’s all about them, which then makes them create all kinds of things that may or may not benefit the world.

Ideas that come from subtler realms on the other hand feel very light, they’re like a seed that is planted into oneself and in a matter of seconds, there is tremendous understanding; it just keeps on expanding over and over again as long as harmony remains.

The mind by its very nature is receptive. It either receives information from the world and keeps on mixing it in all kinds of ways — this is the average state of the mind today, full of noise — or, once there is silence within it, and that it learns that there is no necessity in mixing information, it simply remains receptive which gives space to life to come in.

The mind therefore acts as an antenna that can tune in to chaotic channels or harmonious ones.

All the progress the world has made has come in this way, and all the misery the world has created, has also come in this way although through a different channel.

This observation has been made by some people who are now talking about the law of attraction, the power of thoughts and how it creates one’s reality and so on.

There is a lot of hype around this subject and it attracts people because it could be a great alternative to life’s daily challenges. Of course, it doesn’t work for the majority because the container needs to harmonize herself.

Beliefs have to be looked at, mental limitations have to be observed and released — all the conditioning that imprisons us constantly within our minds must be eradicated, at least to a certain point otherwise it’s pointless to even try because it could do more harm than good.

Note: It’s funny to observe how we’re attracted to spirituality because of its fruits rather than learning the basics first. Without understanding oneself, without cleansing oneself, no fruits can be gained. The process of creation and how to do it is the very last thing to teach in spirituality, only once the we’ve been completely cleared from lower vibrational thoughts and emotions, and therefore harmonized. Otherwise, there is no progress and people simply continue to create chaos in their lives just as we see today in the world.

Back to the subject. Now, how do we create? How can we make this understanding, practical to our existence?

The three components of creation are therefore:

  1. An unexplainable urge to create, that we usually deal with through sex, or through creative works/pursuits
  2. An antenna (the mind) that receives information from subtler realms, the quality of this information depends on how harmonized one is. If on one hand there is constant negativity in one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors , beliefs— it will obviously open the gates to lower vibrational creations, which may serve one’s selfishness in one way or another. If on the other hand one is harmonized, if the thoughts, feelings and behaviors act in constructive ways, if there is greater awareness of oneself and therefore one’s connection to the whole, to life itself — then the gates to higher vibrational realms are opened and we receive beneficial ideas.
  3. A body that acts as a bridge between idea and the urge to create, the body is the “instrument” we use to merge ideas to our urge to create. The body learns mechanically, it is the most dense part of ourselves and so it requires the most physical work — through efforts and repetition it develops its own sets of reflexes and habits which are all learned through constant feedback between the mind and itself. These processes altogether turn into experience in the form of skills, expertise, mastery over a particular domain. By forging a strong connection between mind and body in a specific domain, one becomes a medium through which ideas are not only received but also given the opportunity to incarnate into matter. The quality of the idea, the specific skills the body has learned combined with the urge to create is the reason we wake up every morning. If all our urge is wasted, we rarely move. Whether the body and mind have learned to become a serial killer or a painter, information is received depending on one’s state of consciousness — and this information can only take physical form through the body which acts as a medium between worlds, and this action needs consistency because its result is as dense as the body itself. A mother needs nine months on average to give birth, all the ideas that changed the world took efforts, time and diligence to come into form.

How we do it therefore, and from what place we approach our work completely transforms the ‘physical birth’ of the idea, which is totally dependent on our harmony.

In pursuing one idea, is one coming from a place of fear? From a place of lack? These lower vibrational places might push one towards not giving up but they also create too much pollution within oneself as well as in the world.

Enormous resistance will be generated because the mind-made-self has solidified itself completely by adding all kinds of beliefs and limitations to itself, which creates separation and therefore disconnect with life.

The approach to our work is therefore of vital importance because right at the start, the end goal is already defined. If one approaches creation from a place of harmony, of thankfulness and of joy for bringing whatever has been received into the world; it might or might not create massive success, it might not give fame or money — but one is building a reputation in the subtler realms, one is building skills and refining the connection between mind (antenna), body (bridge) and urge (creative force) — and this refinement makes the process of creation more powerful, which opens the door to more and interesting possibilities. Who knows what awaits the ones who serve from the heart? Life is more than generous for the one who notices…

Now that this is understood, why do most people struggle when it comes to creating or pursuing an idea they received? As said earlier, what is supposed to be taught at the end of spirituality has become the first lesson people learn which is how to create. Of course creation has a process but this process cannot give proper results unless the previous work has been done; just like a dirty window won’t allow the Sunlight to come in with all its majesty even though the Sun is still magnificent on the outside.

The majority of people trying to create whatever it is that they are pursuing come from a place of heavy conditioning, and whether one is creating by simply following how everyone else is doing it or doing it by bringing in more spiritual understanding — everyone does it because everyone has these three components which are, (for your comprehension) the urge to create, the antenna and the body. The ways we grew up, our childhood programming, what the environment made us absorb, the information we repetitively take in and all our experiences altogether create a heavy mind-made-self that has two polarities — pain and pleasure, which are completely dependent on this conditioning. (You can read about it in more details here)

Creating from such a place forcefully invites the sets of beliefs and mental limitations that are associated to our conditioning. If we believe life is hard and people are wicked, it becomes one difficult pathway for life to flow through us. If we believe the world is beautiful and that we are all so intimately connected, it becomes another easier pathway for life to flow through us.

The stronger the flow of life, the more creative urges, the more information we receive, the more focused and consistent our actions become.

The weaker the flow of life, the less the creative urges, the less information, and the more inconsistent our actions become.

This is the reason why no matter how many try whatever newest technique of the day, it doesn’t work; and no matter what one asks — the answer is always “you’re not consistent enough, you should put more faith into, keep believing it will happen, stay positive, meditate while listening to such and such song on YouTube” and so on.

How can any of technique and their suggestions work if there is a heavy conditioning that believes the complete opposite of all this right behind them? We’re extremely defensive when it comes to dealing with strangers but so naïve when it comes to spiritual work. Oh, And by the way, as a ‘P.S’, spirituality is not religion and by being spiritual you don’t hurt religion. You transcend it. Anyway. Good luck on your path!




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