How To Deal With Indifference

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There is something in us that wants to follow, to be led, to be enamored by something or someone that gives reality to our highest ideals.

The Sun is the brightest, most beautiful and regal entity that exists in our perception.

The Sun is the source of life. It’s the center of life. It gives endlessly to all, in perfect equality.

To receive, we must give. And this principle is demonstrated by the Sun, which gives of itself completely, to all—to which life responds to by gravitating towards the Sun, revolving around it.

When we give of ourselves to the world; in attention, in time, in efforts, in resources — just like it happens with the Sun — people and objects naturally tend to gravitate toward us.

We can also observe this principle in action with celebrities, wealthy or famous people, models, authorities of some sorts — anyone that is recognized for having something of value, or being of value.

When an entity is the center of attention, we feel like we’re competing with others, that we’re fighting to get its validation.

We want its approval, its exclusive attention. We want it to say our name, to become personal, we want to be loved by something so special. We follow it, we stop reasoning, we make it more than it is.

In doing so, we forget our own value. We put the other on a pedestal. And instead of giving without the craving to receive; we notice the indifference when we give so much, and it hurts.

There is something in us that wants to follow, to be led, to be enamored by something or someone that gives reality to our highest ideals.

This part of us wants to give form to what can’t inhabit form. The ethers and the physical. We turn love into marriage. We ruin the beauty of a flower by cutting it. We interfere with the natural expression of children by forcing them to behave in a certain way.

When we listen to this part of us that begs the formless to become ours, we open two doors.

The first one leads to hurt and power for selfish ends.

Badly intentioned entities always use such opportunities to misbehave, hurt and violate our boundaries.

The second one leads to hurt and then truth.

Because we’re all healing, indifference always hurts. So we form beliefs, we live in a little bubble, and eventually it hurts so much that we must open our eyes to the truth.

The second path is best.

We are what we admire. Whatever it is, however magnificent it seems to be, we are this.

The indifference we sense at times shouldn’t make us feel bad about ourselves. Nothing is wrong with us.

This indifference just points out to what we already are. In not acknowledging anything less—life loves us more than we realize because, it maintains its position regarding our sacredness.

Many ideas have been expressed throughout this writing.

It will speak to each and everyone in different ways.

The message remains the same though.

You are that greatness that you’re looking up to. No one can give it to you — it’s already in you.



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