Invasion Of “Gurus”

The importance of responsibility in teaching spirituality

5 min readAug 24, 2021
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We term, interpret, believe, give meaning, repeat superficial and sexy words — because we don’t know. The more we try to talk our way around something, the more intellectual and impressive we look like — the less we’ve lived what we’re preaching.

There is certainly a good intention behind sharing spiritual teachings

After all, it’s cool to learn that human beings can live a much more fulfilling, healthier and happier life by following certain practices; making an effort to learn regularly about themselves, “know thyself,” but also about what’s out there because both are linked, “as within, so without.”

The only thing with sharing spiritual teachings is that it’s similar to giving birth to a child — it’s a lot of responsibilities.

You see, whenever teaching something to someone, especially if they’re open to learning because somehow, you’ve proved your ‘expertise’ in the matter— you are creating a circuit in your student’s mind, one she will use to understand/process life as well as one that will limit her, because a circuit, no matter how vast it is, is still a circuit, a well defined and limited area.

“Spiritual” doesn’t mean “holy”

Spiritual subjects are especially more ‘dangerous’ because they’re not very tangible, and this is even more so at the beginning of the journey, when we’re still too impressed to think straight.

It’s funny to see how on guard we are in society today, we’re mostly defensive and reluctant to speak to strangers, we find it strange when someone smiles to us and so on — yet, even the most clever of us becomes absurdly naïve whenever interacting with the spiritual world, or even simply learning something from a spiritual ‘expert’.

Coming from this angle therefore…

…And understanding how dependent spiritual students are on their teachers — we should keep in mind that whenever we’re sharing spiritual teachings with others, and if they listen to us in the first place, it means they’ve put their trust in us and so whatever we say becomes a boost, or an impediment, to their growth.

And to work with this, there is no need to check the truth of what we say in books or with others that are as confused as we are — instead, we should learn one simple thing — to be humble. To the universe and to life, we’re worth everything no matter what we think of ourselves — but to ourselves, and let’s keep this secret between us, we’re never (and we’ll never be) more than life itself. This is why we can know everything and accomplish even the most miraculous of deeds and yet, remain children of some kingdom…

When we say something, we cannot take it back.

So instead of working on gadgets and techniques that could take back our words, why not be sure about their relevancy in the first place? We could speak about the esoteric meaning of all that exists and how to achieve such and such, and so on. But, is it relevant to those who put their trust in us, in this instant?

As an example,

Being seduced by the idea of getting ‘power’ through the invisible for whatever reason, means one is still pretty much in the grip of insufficiency, of feeling defective and therefore trying to compensate for it through the use of more ‘exclusive’, deceptive, ‘occult’ (hidden) tools to subject others. It is nothing different from those developing all kinds of weapons in the name of protection.

Responsibility in teaching about spirituality

After cigarettes, alcohol, social media, parties, movies etc.; people have now added spirituality to their ‘escape list’. In Astrology, Pisces is very much associated with spiritual matters as well as addictions, and escapism. Spirituality is subtle, and can attract all kinds of people — especially in this day and age in which we’re all burdened/compressed by everyday stuff — for something like spirituality to help us forget about everything is like a God given gift, and it is, but it’s not well received.

Buzzwords such as 5D consciousness, third eye, pineal gland, all is love and light, kundalini, chakras, and what not, have all become ‘signals’ to attract more customers, not share experiences and grow together. And while countless souls fall for these fancy and superficial concepts, there are a few who eventually get frustrated with these useless theories and that are now more mature, valuing practicality over fantasies.

Yes, the fruit of the spiritual path is beyond description, but the road that leads to this fruit can be described and is practical.

Using people’s naivete because they’ve associated spirituality with fantasies is dangerous, both for the ‘teacher’ and the student.

To wrap this rather confusing piece of writing

Let’s simply say that there is a difference between theory and practice (seriously, no joke).

Speaking about what is written in books can make some look like they know what they’re talking about — and if you’re at the beginning of your journey, and if it resonates with what you’re going through — then by all means, go for it. But if you’re looking to growth, and how not to waste your time and energy — you must use some critical thinking and not get too biased, and impressed by the sugar-coated, watered-down, ‘all is good and love’ circus.

Never forget that all that exists contain both polarities —the masculine and the feminine, the positive and the negative. While society as we know it now has predominantly been masculine, spirituality has predominantly been feminine. And both now need the opposite energy to evolve. As an example, society needs a bit more of compassion while spirituality needs a bit more of organization — or they’ll both remain stuck in the same hole they’ve been for as long as we can remember.

Critical thinking. Commitment to truth. Humbleness.

This was rather straight and to the point. We could use some of it and forget about the algorithms for a minute.

As a final note.

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