Now that you’re at home… (Part 1)

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

Most of our lives we’ve had it going.

We were busy doing many things.

Our goals, our projects, our love life, our fitness life, our lives.

We made plans. We were little gods.

Some of us understood the rules of this game we call life.

Others barely got that they were in a game.

Most of us enjoyed the ‘visible’ side of life.

It was pleasing, interesting and fun.

As long as it could be ‘interpreted’ by our physical senses — it was ‘real’ and thus worth chasing.

What wasn’t ‘physical’ wasn’t ‘real’.

So we ignored those nasty thoughts we had at times, we ignored those complex and confusing feelings we felt at times.

In fewer words — as long as it wasn’t physically there — it could just have been some useless thoughts.

Through Netflix, YouTube, video games, love, sleep, friends, drugs, music — we could ignore them.

They were what they were — a signal to get distracted, to get high and escape.

This behavior was the best tutorial we found and yet it wasn’t on YouTube.

If it’s tough in here → Escape!

It worked. Sometimes we had to increase the intensity to make it work. Sometimes it damaged our health but why care about it? It worked.

Until the day came.

Being locked with your own self.

Having learned everything about everything except Yourself.

Who are you? Why are you here? What’s the reason behind those thoughts you have, those feelings you feel?

Why this anxiety? Why this fear? Why this chaos because you can’t see any further than your walls?

This teaches a lot about how unaware we are of ourselves.

But are we willing to stop looking at the other side and face what’s happening?

Are we willing to let ourselves ‘enveloped’ by this overwhelming Truth, and see things for what they are?

Those who are willing to learn about it, will do so.

For them I prepared an answer to those questions, and how to practically achieve this goal.

It’ll come tomorrow.

Stay tuned.



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