The Difference Between A Master, and You

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Everyone wants to become the ideal ‘star’— depending on what an ideal means to each one of us — for some it is the richest, for others it’s fame, and for you it might be the best photographer.

All of us have fantasies — dreams we entertain on a daily basis, they’re sort of ‘escapes’ we have when our exterior environment confines us into a reality we don’t like. Most live in these dream lands and it shouldn’t be seen as ‘bad’ — do it as much as you wish — but don’t forget that you’re physical, therefore some physical-three dimensional action is required.

In our quests to living the best life ever, we come across people who want to teach us their experiences, some speak from having done it while most speak simply for the sake of letting you know they have a thing or two in mind.

The world we live in is a world of perceptions — don’t ever count on finding the same ‘rules’ wherever you go. People have individualistic journeys, minds, bodies — unique compositions in every aspects of themselves — there’s no right or wrong way to do something as long as you do what suits your ‘composition’ best.

Why do you pursue this journey? Why don’t you just throw the towel, enjoy simply life the way it is and go with the flow? Why do you overthink it? Why are you this restless? Where’s this urge coming from? Don’t you want to live and enjoy each freaking bit of your existence ?

Yes you do. But what you seek even more is to satisfy your thirst for mastery, to master yourself, master your journey, master your vibration and simply be all the best you could possibly be — And you’re damn right.

On your way to ‘success’, many ones have tried to tell you what will work and what won’t. Maybe you got upset, maybe you found it helpful — it doesn’t matter, let go. Let people do what they want to, they’re not trying to harm you, they’re expressing themselves — you can’t control the way others perceive the world — in fact, you better listen to get their point of view, it will add to your bank of experiences when you’re ready to share your story with us.

People will often say things that will make you feel insecure, especially if you’re young — again, let go — love yourself and know the reasons behind all your beliefs, know why you’d rather watch an anime than the news, know why you’re the way you are. Once you ‘erase’ most of the beliefs that were planted in your mind without your awareness, the remaining ones are yours — remember their origins, nurture them, feel them and honor them by fully living them.

What will happen if you do so? Certainly not death, nor dishonor, nor whatever tragedies the mind is programmed to believe in. This cage most find themselves in is 50% others, 50% you.

In moments of insecurity, weakness, despair — the master is called forth. We all need hope, everyone has someone in mind when it comes to this. The masters are the Light, they illuminate the chaos of the future, they add clarity and support in the heart of the not-so-sure-about-what-is-going-to-happen. The master represents this heroic figure who saved us each time we were challenged, each time we experienced adversity. Most of the time the master is someone external, a guide, a prophet, a hero — and in some rare ones, when the world crumbles right in front of us — we discover this master within ourselves.

The beliefs you hold dear aren’t yours. Sorry. The mindset, the way you perceive life, what you think is right or wrong aren’t yours. You came into this existence with an empty mind and a heart filled with love. This is your original program, software — this is who you really are.

The world then pours its beliefs, influences, anxiety into you — and here we are today — living a life of ‘freedom’ when all of our being is nothing but an association of gazillion of unwanted influences. There’s no freedom in a cage — even if you can’t touch or see it.

The first task of the master is to retreat. Isolation is seen as something weird, painful, abnormal — when I think about it I see a monk sitting, isolated and doing nothing else forever — how can it be possible? To our conditioned human mind it won’t.

Masters have always began this way, feeling as if they never fitted the world around them. This is a calling, a “Hey, time to wake up, you’re not here for this but rather that”, not fitting the world is seen as mental issues — many ones have gone through several medical intakes and where did it led them? Nowhere, their health got worse and God only knows if they’re alive today.

The retreat of the master isn’t about looking even weirder but rather seeking silence which provides more answers than noise. It is in the unplugging from the matrix that Neo saw the world as it was. Before doing so he always felt weird, he always felt something strange was happening but didn’t know what exactly. Before being unplugged he always tried to fit in his world but couldn’t. After finally getting unplugged, and seeing what the world really looked like, he faced his fears, he retreated, and this helped him to come back with unlimited power to change everything around him.

Masters are no different than you. If you’re blaming others for being ‘powerless’, sorry but you’re the only one to blame her because you discredited yourself first.

How much do you trust yourself? How much do you love yourself? It all starts with you. The world around you is nothing but a reflection of the one within you. If you think you suck, people will tell you you do. If you think you’re awesome, people will feel it and respond to your awesomeness.

This is the reason why it’s so useless to hold grudges against others, they never really meant what they said — it was just a reflection of yourself. Sometimes things can get crazy and this is for another topic but most of the time it’s all on you.

You are more powerful than you think. You are more in control than you think. The master you must serve is the best master ever — yourself, the one within you.



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