What you fear the most — frees you the most

2 min readJul 30, 2023
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See, very often we dread certain types of experiences because they seem to be uncomfortable at first. Some things we can control in life, most of the things however — we cannot.

For the one who is open — and that is a skill we learn through practice — good and bad lose their significance. Not that we lack discernment, but, we stop preferring or condemning life as it unfolds. Labels lose their meaning, and what is, simply is.

When we operate from this level, we learn from our experiences. And we have learned from those experiences when we have fully come to terms with them — when we don’t have that tension in the abdomen anymore, when we’re okay with what happened; when we’re grateful for everything that happened.

What does this teach us?

It teaches us that all those things we fear, well, they are actually the best thing that could have happened to us — as long as we choose to learn from them, instead of resisting them and turning cynical, as most do.

And what do we understand from all this? Well, that nothing is in itself fearful. And that as long as we are open to learn, and embrace new ways of living — we get closer to living fiercely and fearlessly, day after day.

Imagine a life in which you feared nothing. How would it feel? Pretty amazing, uh?

What’s even more amazing is the realization that Life is never our enemy, but rather, our cheerful friend. Yes, some lessons are more intense than others — but the Sun always comes out after the storm.

Whatever you may be experiencing right now, or, whatever you have experienced lately — it happened. No need to fight it, or to react too much. Give yourself the space to decompress, because, spoiler alert, you are a human being — but face it.

During times of confusion, we are often shortsighted. We believe we’ll be forever damned. Untrue. It’s just a lack of perspective. Nothing lasts. Everything changes. Basic physics.

You’ll be fine. You’ll get to the other side of the shore. And you’ll be thankful for what you’ve been through because it liberated you from so much unwanted weight that you clung to for pennies.

It’s never as difficult as we tend to make it. God is simple. Wisdom speaks less.

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